An Amateur Photographer From New Jersey


Fosterfields Living Historical Farm

This past week I was looking through folders of photos that I took this past Summer.  I came across photos that were snapped at Fosterfields Living Historical Farm during the fourth of July.  I decided to try out some new angles and render some of the photos in a sepia tone.  I might decide to post more later on this blog or Flickr.  Here is one photo that really stood out to me personally.


The Speedwell Mill

I had not been out and around my area snapping photographs in a while.  The school I am student teaching at has winter break this week and I decided to take advantage of this week off from school to take some photos around Morristown.  Today I visited “the green,” but I was not that satisfied with some of the photographs I got there.  While I was driving home I decided to stop at the Speedwell Lake Park.  This park is home to the historic Speedwell Mill.  I hope to take advantage of the rest of this break and grab some more photos this week.