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Fosterfields Living Historical Farm

This past week I was looking through folders of photos that I took this past Summer.  I came across photos that were snapped at Fosterfields Living Historical Farm during the fourth of July.  I decided to try out some new angles and render some of the photos in a sepia tone.  I might decide to post more later on this blog or Flickr.  Here is one photo that really stood out to me personally.


Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright

During the Christmas break i took a rather interesting shot in my house with a Rubik’s Cube and a Bob Dylan book.  The lighting and colors turned out pretty cool and I am happy with the results.  I have some other posts on my Flickr page if you wish to view those snaps.  I hope everyone had a great New Year!

Around Madison

Last month I decided to take my camera along with me while doing some errands.  I had to travel through Madison, NJ and I took time to take some photos at the train station.  I do not take a lot of B&W photos, but after watching some of my students in school work on their B&W photos I decided to give it a shot.  Here are what I believe to be the two best photos to come out of that shoot.  You can also expect me to take some night holiday shots to be posted here in the future.  As always you may visit my flickr page to see some photos that aren’t posted on this blog.

Lakeside Bloom

Although this photo is relatively old I thought it would be nice to post considering the weather is getting warmer out.  This photo was taken during the Summer of 2009 and is posted on my Flickr page, but  I never posted it to a blog.  I’m not sure what type of flower is featured in this picture; regardless its simple yet pretty.

Beneath The Leaves

Spring is finally here again in New Jersey and the trees and flowers are in full bloom.  I took this photograph standing beneath a tree in my backyard which had some wonderful colors emanating from the sun.  Expect more photos taking advantage of the Spring weather.  You can always view more photos that aren’t on this blog at my Flickr page.

Atop Bath

Here are some lingering pictures from my trip to Bath, England.  These images of the city were shot atop the Bath Abbey.  Its a great place to take photos.  Visit my Flickr page for some other great photos!

The Speedwell Mill

I had not been out and around my area snapping photographs in a while.  The school I am student teaching at has winter break this week and I decided to take advantage of this week off from school to take some photos around Morristown.  Today I visited “the green,” but I was not that satisfied with some of the photographs I got there.  While I was driving home I decided to stop at the Speedwell Lake Park.  This park is home to the historic Speedwell Mill.  I hope to take advantage of the rest of this break and grab some more photos this week.